Rental Policy

Our signs and bundles have been successfully tested in wind, rain, and snow and have proven very durable. If however, you notice any damage as a result of severe weather, please notify us immediately.

If you would like the sign to be moved to a different location in your yard, please call and we will be happy to move it. Please do not try to move the sign.

If the sign is stolen or missing from your yard, please contact us immediately.

Please do not attach balloons or anything else to the sign.

If you must mow your yard during your rental period, please be careful around the sign. If at all possible, please let the mowing around the sign go until it has been removed. We sincerely appreciate you taking precautions to protect our sign.

When your sign is removed, the personalized keepsake will be left on your doorstep. We do not ring the doorbell or knock in case mom and baby are resting. If you would like the keepsake left in a different location, please inform us when you place your order.